Relay For Life of Kent is May 31 – June 1, 2013

RFL Balloon

Hi! I’m one of the three Co-Chairs for Relay For Life of Kent this year. 2013 marks my 12th year with Relay For Life of Kent! In the past I’ve served on the Leadership Team as the Food Coordinator and have assisted with Accounting. I have a passion for providing food to Relay participants and volunteers, and hope you enjoy the complimentary meals and snacks we have planned for you this year! I’ve also been a Co-Captain of a top fundraising team, organized countless successful fundraisers and continue to complete the registration and cashier duties for my team’s fundraisers.

Time really flies! It doesn’t seem that long ago that an agent in my office explained what Relay For Life is. I became involved because cancer had touched my friends’ and family’s lives, and continues to. I currently have friends that are survivors, some that are battling the disease, and I’ve watched cancer slowly take the lives of others. I’ve realized that cancer touches everyone’s life directly or indirectly, and I believe this can stop. If I had to choose one favorite aspect of the event, my favorite is the closing ceremony. Listening to the names of individuals and teams read with the large sums of money they raised is inspiring. We will not stop until there’s a cure!

I’m Jennifer Gilbert-Smith, I Relay, and I’m making hope happen. Thank you for helping me reach my goal of a world with less cancer!

Visit Jennifer’s Relay page and donate here.


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