Paint Primer: Quick, Affordable Change-Artist


Life was simpler when the choice of paint colors was more limited. Thousands of shades with catchy names now vie for attention, from “Knitting Needles” to “Dead Salmon.” Even deciding to use white can lead to the question of which one. Paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore offers more than 250 variations on that popular theme.

And that’s just the first part of the paint quandary. Once a color is applied to walls and dries, its hue may not resemble what’s on the paint chips (the sample, also known as strip chips or color cards, displayed at many paint, hardware, and big-box stores to guide shoppers). The reason for this variation can be anything from the lack of a primer to conceal the prior color, which can bleed through, to the amount of light in the room or the color of furnishings, both of which alter the look. Even the amount of sheen in the finish selected by home owners can make a big difference in the final appearance.

By heeding these five steps, buyers and sellers can improve the odds of getting the colors they desire, which will save them time and money by avoiding the dreaded task of repainting.


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