Preferred Partners

Here’s a list of the most frequently requested service providers. When you contact my preferred partners, please let them know I referred you to them! This helps ensure you receive the quality of service they understand I expect for my clients. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, or would like more options, please contact me.

Financing is one of the most important pieces of the real estate transaction puzzle. We need an experienced professional that is willing to go above and beyond to research the best financing options for you, is available to answer time sensitive questions and fund your loan on time!

Christine Goetz
Mortgage Consultant

Stefanie Cummings
Loan Officer

Luke Wagner
Loan Officer

Home Inspections are also an important aspect of the home purchasing process. The Home Inspector will help us learn the good and bad of your planned purchase by providing a comprehensive inspection. After attending the 2 – 3 hour inspection, you’ll leave well-informed about your future home and we can expect a full report to be emailed to us within 1 day. Using the report, we can request/negotiate repairs to be completed by the seller prior to closing.

Jordan Ballard
Owner and Home Inspector

Austin McFeeley & Adam Montgomery
Owner and Home Inspectors

Larry and Chris Karwoski
Owners and Home Inspectors

Reid Guthrie
Owner and Home Inspector

For more preferred partners, including Side Sewer Inspectors, click here.