Are Appraisals Finally Playing Catch-Up?

Many real estate professionals have been blaming low appraisals for derailing transactions over the last few years. But now home prices are heating up across the country. Are appraisals still coming in lower than the agreed-upon sales price?

Even with prices rising and the number of foreclosures falling, some appraisers say assigning a value to a property isn’t getting any easier. One of the big reasons, they say, is because of low inventories in many markets. “An undersupply of available homes has prompted bidding wars above list price, a price that isn’t necessarily justified by an appraisal,” The Chicago Tribune reports.

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Home Appraisals No Longer Derailing Sales

Consider this one more sign that the housing market is heating up: Appraisers are putting higher values on homes again, allowing for more deals to go through. During the housing bust, sales were often derailed by low-ball appraisals that fell far shy of a home’s selling price.

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